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The major of Vehicle Engineering was established in 2004 and is one of the earliest undergraduate majors in vehicle engineering in Zhejiang Province. Based in Zhejiang and facing the whole country, the major aims to cultivate advanced engineering and technical talents with innovative capabilities in the field of vehicle engineering. In 2011, the major was approved as the “Key major of the University” of Hangzhou Dianzi University; in 2012, the granting rights of “Master of Vehicle Engineering” was awarded; in 2014, it became the specialty of the 12th Five-Year Plan of Zhejiang Province (new energy vehicle direction); It won the second prize of teaching achievements in Zhejiang Province; in 2016-2018, It undertook two national-level educational reform projects and two provincial-level educational reform projects. In the course of 15 years, the major has always been focused on the development needs of the “eight trillion industries” in Zhejiang Province, and has carried out in-depth cooperation with industry associations, leading enterprises, in the construction of talent training objectives optimization mechanism and the construction of personnel training quality evaluation system; established a professional construction expert committee to continuously optimize the talent training objectives; established two national-level college students' extracurricular practice engineering bases and three school-level practice bases; formed a professional core curriculum as the support, and a curriculum development system based on “electric vehicle power-train experiment”; a core teaching team consisting of 10 professors, 10 associate professors, and 12 lecturers. The profession has achieved good results in student science and technology competition, employment satisfaction, industry influence, etc. It has trained a large number of professional engineering and technical talents with urgent needs, solid foundation and innovative practical ability for the development of Zhejiang automobile industry.

Research Areas

1. Human-machine Co-driving

The driving simulator and the real vehicle experiments are applied to collect the driver’s behavior data and physiological data, the automobile dynamic data and the road environment data, and to analyze the driver behavior characteristic and personality style in detail. The driver status mode is evaluated, and the driving intention is recognized by in-depth learning, so as to discuss the switching mechanism of human-machine co-driving control right.

2. Clean Storage and Utilization of Vehicle Energy

The research on optimal matching and intelligent control of automobile powertrain is carried out, which involves the intelligent manufacturing and control technology of driving motor, engine, battery, auxiliary system and other parts, so as to realize the efficient storage and clean utilization of vehicle energy.

Key Projects

1. National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaResearch on simulation optimization methods of complex electromechanical system coupled by time domain and spatial domain

2. National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaResearch on the control right switching mechanism based on the driver status and intention recognition in the human-machine co-driving mode

         3. National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaFundamental investigation of the slurry ability and gasification mechanism of low rank coal/liquid CO2 slurry

4. National Natural Science Foundation of China Study on Artificial Immune Condition Diagnosis Technology Adapted to Complicated Mechanical System

5. National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaThe study of early warning method for drunk driving based on the analysis of driver behavior and vehicle dynamic characteristics


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