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    The Institute of Mechanical Design carries out foundamental research and services on mechanical design and principle trageting advanced machinery, special robots, mechanical design software, and optimised design and calculation for intelligent manufacturing process.

    The Institute has 15 teaching staff (all have doctoral degrees), including 4 professors (1 doctoral supervisor), 6 associate professors and 5 lecturers.

Research areas

1. Digitalised Design Technology

- Mechanical design automation

- Mechanical CAD

- Advanced product modeling

- Fixture automatic design

2. Design Technology of Biological Related Mechanical System

- Neurological disease diagnosis and rehabilitation training equipments

- rehabilitation exoskeleton robots, implantable devices

- High-end medical equipments

- Transdermal injection and micro-needle delivery equipments

3. Dynamics of Complex Electromechanical Systems

- Dynamic performance and control technology of complex mechanical and electrical systems

- State detection and fault diagnosis of mechanical systems

- Theory and technology of friction and lubrication

Director: Prof. Kai CHEN

Deputy Directors: Can WU (Research) and Xin WU (Postgraduates)

Tel: 0571-86916156