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The Institute of Mechanical Manufacturing mainly focuses on advanced machinery and micro/nano electronics manufacturing and carries out theoretical research and social services on intelligent manufacturing and special processing technologies. Based on the second-level majors Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Technology, the first-level major Mechanical Engineering is the provincial “Top Priority major and provincial "Double First-Class" major.

The institute has 27 staff members, and among those, 26 have PhD degrees. The institute has 4 professors (3 doctoral supervisors), 12 associate professors / associate research scientists / special term associate professors and 11 lecturers. The Institute has many high-level talents, including two “151 Talents” of Zhejiang Province (1 first-class), 3 "Young Academic Leaders in Universities" of Zhejiang Province, and 2 "Outstanding Innovation Talents"of the University (1 A-class and 1 B-class), 3 "Sixth-Level Talents" of the University. More than 60 master and doctoral students are supervised in the Institute.

Research Directions

1. Micro/nano manufacturing and intelligent measuring technology

 - Basic unit technologies of intelligent manufacuring and micro/nano manufacturing

 - On-line measuring technology in machining process

 - Micro/nano displacement measuring and sensors

 - Geometric measuring technology for product

 - Co-ordination measuring technology

 - Laser interferometry measuring technology

2. Process technology for ultrasonic and special manufacturing

- ultrasonic assistant process of honeycomb compotite material

- Acoustic levitation inner machining

- Laser ultrasonic inner machining

- Jet polish process technology

3. Additive manufacturing (3D printing) and new material preparation technology

- Metal 3D printing

- Biology 3D printing

- Graphene preparationg technology

4. Intelligent manufacturing technology

- Intelligent manufacturing

- Networked manufacturing

- Numerical control technology


5. Intelligent material application

- Micro/nano actuation and positioning technologies

- Micro energy harvesting technology

- Online monitoring technology for key engineering equipment and infrastructure

Head of Institute: Prof. Wen WANG

Deputy Head: Dr. Zhanfeng CHEN (Research) and Dr. Hongcheng WANG (Postgraduates)

Phone: 0571-86919155